Megiddo sel Esdraelon








Sword and Shield

I first began training casually in November of 2004, traveling to Rogue Fighter Practice and Torch Fighter Practice (Tori Mar) once per week. The Torches provided field training, battlefield awareness; the Rogues, in particular Sir Spyn and Sir Arg provided a solid foundation of basic mechanics.

I trained off and on, between injuries and other interruptions for another nine years. In October of 2013, Sir Dalos started a new fighter practice in Round Rock (Dagobah in the Principality of the Golden City), and I began traveling regularly to that practice. At that time, I became his second formal student in combat training, and began working under his process, with a focus on footwork and mental strategy.

I switched to the dome shield (Sir Diego's construction) and began using Whackscalibur swords in late 2016. I consider both of these to be superior technologies in weapon selection.

I struggle with a natural disinclination for athleticism (overweight, no sports background, uncoordinated), and recurring injuries (particularly shoulder dislocations, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow), although I have not had a serious injury since 2016. I spent considerable time working with an upright bag for shot production (Rogue-style wraps, flat-wraps, hammer shots, and chops), spin shots (the 512 in particular), and combinations (Rogue-style block strike mechanics and Dalos-style fluid combinations). Additionally, I practiced soccer and foot-ball style ladder drills for motion, as well as boxing footwork drills.

My inspirational fighters are Tisco and Sid NaNuWhoGod.

Sponge is my #spiritanimal.

Krix Mercades is my sparring partner and traveling companion on the grind